Low-lying and marshy, there is not much appeal to the swamp. The mud yields easily and is capable of pulling down whoever dares venture there, so not many do. The water is dirty and consumption often causes illness - typically with nausea.
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Main Clearing
The main clearing is the closest thing to a camp DeathClan has. A large formation of rocks juts from the ground, providing a place for the leader to make announcements from. Bones of dead prey, new and old, are scattered here, and the earth is stained with blood as many fights are held here.
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Leader's Tree
Near the main clearing, a pine tree towers over those before it. A lone den is concealed among its roots. This is where the leader of DeathClan lives, and trespassing is ill advised unless you seek either an audience with the leader, or death.
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Once a mighty river, a shallow stream of water winds through DeathClan territory. Fish can be found here but on occasion the water will become polluted.
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DeathClanners are free to make their den anywhere in the forest. These dens are defended fiercely by their owners, and disputes over space is a common occurrence, particularly with new recruits that pick a place too close to another den.
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